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These are terrific! Just arrived 2 days ago, so no feedback on battery life or durability. But they are quite nice. The timer works well — started with a 4h setting and they came on each day at the same time for 4h. Remote is nice too, has a dimmer capability and flicker or steady flame options. All work well. Nicest ones I’ve owned (and that includes better than Target’s).

M. Lanham

Our daughter and son in law just moved into a new, bigger house and our 4 year old grand daughter was scared of her room and didn't want to sleep in it. These did the trick, she watches the pretty colors and it lights up her room just enough, so its not so scarey! They also put one in the hallway, which is helpful to get to the bathroom in the middle of the night. And as soon as its light enough, they go out automatically. Good product, good price!

S. J. Scott

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